Monday, March 23, 2015

Can I go to work..?

I'm bored!  I sit at home all day and trust me, I find things to do, but there is only so much television and cleaning one can find.  Yesterday, I got out of bed and went outside to sit in the sun and do my homework.  Its all a bit too easy I think but there is reams of it!  From there, it was walking to Southland and looking what was on at the movies.  Boy, nothing...

Today, the sun is no where to be seen.  I got up and drove over to rehab number two.  Not the one I usually go too.  The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre where I see the Psychologist (the one where I usually go, left and they haven't found a replacement yet) .

She does these tests and there is no way to cheat the damned thing!

Boy; my memory leaves a lot to be desired!

The worst part, obviously, is the memory test.  Ouch.  She sits there and reads out twenty words or so; then I have to repeat them back - five times throughout the afternoon.  Needless to say it didn't get any better!  Four.

Still, memory is crap but I'm getting better.

Obviously I have to take it with a grain of salt because I some of it I couldn't do before I had brain damage!  In fact, I figure most of it I was crap at!

But...  My physical self is better than its been in a long time (except my vision!).  I've now lost about seventeen/eighteen kilo depending on the day!

Not to mention the guy of the moment is going to sort us out.  Me and Daughter. I can see us doing sit ups while he barks orders...  No so bad when he has a nice, slim body with muscle in all the right places.

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