Monday, March 9, 2015

And then there was none...

I keep falling over.  It's not like me; bruises all over.  My daughter thinks I've got an issue with perception; but I think it a lot more simple than that.  I've been a klutz.  Either way, I guess well see when I see the nurosurgeon this week.

Yesterday I was at my brothers place.  We went out to the Begonia Festival, which although I thought would be yawn worthy, turned out to be fun.  We walked all over.  There was food, drinks and metal and wood.  We looked at a market, which I bought a toucan; the only thing of non necessity purchased since my 'awakening'.  We are talking $20.

I feel good; although alcohol is a no go zone for me.  I've avoided it like the plague; admittedly, I figure I need all my wits about me.  Saturday night I had a few wines at my brothers place.

And that was that.

I don't remember another thing, but my brother told me I was creeping through the house... Lost.

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