Thursday, March 12, 2015

Linger longer

Today I didn't get out of bed until ten am.  Okay, unusual.  I woke up and watched more of  a show that has peaked my interest, but in reality, I spent about 11 hours in bed.  And that's not the first time...  Its rolling on.  I've crossed the bridge into normality.

I've gone from 'not sleeping'; we are talking physically exhausted...  Lying awake looking at the minutes tip over until I can't bare it; still awake at 2-3 am, only to be up at 7 or 8.
Cleaning the house and its already clean!  Making the girls bed!  And here I am.  4 or 5 hours a night!

So what has changed in the land of 'life..?'  Well not much.  I'm still here trying to get back to work before I become a street person!  I've had four months off on full pay and I've probably got another two to go - if I'm lucky.  But they won't sign off on 'back to work' so here I am, gym and housework fills my day.  My neuro wants to go and see my boss...  Which I'm figuring is the least he could do.

Why..?  Well of course, no one has mentioned how I've done this sixteen times at St Vincent's Hospital and not one issue; to one time at Monash (that became four!) and after Monash, I'm like the walking dead!  I can't think!  My brain is squewiff!  I can't think straight.

And it isn't even the first time, because I've presented at Monash's ED with shocking headaches and walking and talking like I've got a buzz going... Now my memory is coming back; it's ALL coming,  I took all my history with me and the woman I saw, a 2IC neuro, thought I was... I don't know what.  Perhaps I was faking it...

She sent me home, my tears not swaying her.  I couldn't even summon a smile when one of the nurses called her a bitch and did I want to talk to some one else.   Instead I went to St Vincent's where they worked out what was wrong and operated.

So... I linger longer!

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