Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ahhh Alcohol!

Well I can't have alcohol.

Truth tell, I haven't had it since November; other than a glass of champagne at my brother's birthday in December and I was such a half wit then, they could have given me cordial.

Tuesday night The Yank came over (sorry, I haven't got another nick for him yet so I call him The Yank til I do; even though he has been here for over thirty years and has had 2 Australian wives!) and we downed red wine like it was going out of fashion.

What fun!  Except for I fell asleep before nine.

Worse that that, Wednesday was a blur for me.  I couldn't think; couldn't do anything.
Had a headache all day til I thought I would scream.  Then I went to bed early with the same headache so I just wanted to die.  I woke up this morning; you guessed it with the same headache til I began to wonder if I had done damage to myself.

I mean I only had 3 glasses but in December, the doctors said drinking is toxic for me.  I will go back to being a non drinker!  Looks like alcohol as a toxin hasn't finished with me yet!  So I'll have the best wine cupboard and porch anyone has seen.  Wine cupboard is full; so is that rack.  Back porch as 6 cases out there ready...  and I can't have any.

All in all, that's not nearly as depressing as it sounds lol

And even better, my love life is racing along.  It was date number five for us; and believe it or not, everything went well.  Tomorrow, I'm going to stay at his house...

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