Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Concert, or not to Concert…

Last night, the Squeeze mentioned that the ‘end of semester school concert’ is on tonight.

Oh the joy…  How could I live without another evening in a cold hall with a frosty ex-wife and a cacophony of brass; how can I contain my excitement?

I freely admit to the good sense that ensured I didn't breed when I was bordering on elderly; this means that the parenting school year is long gone for me.  Still, I can't see how can there be so many crappy instruments; and a requirement to turn up and clap so many times in a single year!   Firstly; how long does a semester last these days?  It seems like three seconds ago it was school holidays and the Harridan was suggesting Kid 3 come and plant himself in front of a flat screen for a week.   And here it is again.  More holidays!

Obviously, I have to weight up all the options.  I mean I could go to the concert and support the Squeeze while annoying the Harridan with my very presence; or alternatively, I could let the Squeeze go by himself (perhaps to sit with the “other parent” and not be “strange”) while I throw on sports gear and go boxing with my daughter.

Let’s see…  At the two concerts I’ve suffered through so far this year we had the Harridan manipulate after music conversation and drag the Squeeze off to introduce him, which enabled her to conveniently ensure that his back was to me for the rest of the evening.  This was followed by concert two that saw us sitting in another section away from her, but then suffering her texts on how “strange” he was that he couldn’t sit with the other parent – a thinly veiled jibe at me because I was obviously instigating this.  I guess she forgot the concert before that where we were already seated and she dragged the kids to sit on the other side of the hall.

So decisions, decisions. 

My muscles are already somewhat wounded due to our stint with the personal trainer on Monday night.  Then yesterday we rocked up for a little more torture.  Still, this torture has the benefit of muscle toning and weight loss…  Having to put up with the Harridan torture could only benefit me via appetite loss.

Boxing wins!

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