Friday, June 22, 2012

Nut Doctor Validation - Tick

Yesterday after work was the Squeeze’s regular Nut Doctor visit.  I’m feeling a lot better about those visits these days.  I mean let’s face it, it didn’t take him too long to work out that the Harridan is a ‘manipulator extraordinaire’ so he is well ahead of the condescending female nut doctor we were both seeing last year (who I suspect was a vitriolic ex-wife…)

It wasn’t easy in the beginning.  The Squeeze would bring home his stick figure drawings that always looked lopsided in what was important, at least to me, but surprisingly quite eloquent.  It was amazing really; just a few words and circles on a screwed up piece of paper and I could basically decipher his whole session.

These days, there are no stick figures and circles coming home so either they have progressed beyond describing our “blended family environment” or the Squeeze is dumping them on the way home.

Stick figures or not, we generally have lively discussion afterwards.  I try not to tell him what he should have said because let’s face it, it is supposed to be about him and how he views the world and I suspect the doctor has seen him enough times now to see the things that remain unsaid.

Yesterday, the session was around Kid 3’s 15th birthday dinner and the Harridan’s demand suggestion that although she was having a celebratory dinner with the kids that we were not invited to, she should come to (ruin) ours. 

This magical dinner, which we would pay for of course, would be enough of a mirage that Kid 3 would live happily ever after secure in the knowledge that mummy and daddy are the best of friends.   Guess he won’t see every drop off where she sends a text to say “don’t come near my house!!!”  Or maybe he won’t hear her shouting down the phone about what a useless, selfish pathetic father he is.

Still, we all know that her desire to attend dinner was about control; shutting me down; manipulation… excluding me where possible and donning a hat with flashing neon sign that says ‘you don’t belong bunhilda!’

And what did the Nut Doctor think of what had transpired over a simple request to take the kid out for a dinner for his birthday..?  He thought she was a manipulative cow and that the Squeeze had handled it just right.

Validation is always nice.  Although I think I’m smart enough to work out her game play and attempt to veto it, its dicey when you have kids involved!  Every so often I need to make sure that I’m not making this about me, when it is about the kid.

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