Monday, June 25, 2012

The Evil Queen

Yesterday the Squeeze and I went off to see Snow White and the Huntsman in Gold Class. 

I love Gold Class but the benefits of getting out and switching off in recliners for a while, are somewhat negated by the decadence of Gold Class.  I already have a glass of red in my hand while I’m being seated and then about midway through, another glass slides onto the table before us.  Yesterday, it slid into place to the accompaniment of a bowl of crispy wedges, sweet chilli sauce and sour cream which probably didn’t do the diet much good.

As soon as I saw the shorts for this movie, I knew it was one for me.  It was dark enough to warrant my interest and the title indicated an exciting twist to the original fairy tale, in that the huntsman had a lot more of a role than the well-worn idea of some guy turning up in tights at the end and saving the day by doing no more than kissing some dead chick.  He didn’t even have to unsheathe a sword… In reality, the concept has a whole swag of ugly connotations… 

Having Charlize Theron in the role of the Evil Queen was a bonus…  She fits the role perfectly since the Queen has always been the more interesting character to me; far more so than some teenager, skipping about the forest like an animal magnet.  Yeah, joy, birds land on you every time you walk out the door… Not even close to exciting compared to a magic mirror and being Queen…

And sure, she may have gone overboard by having some guy drag the kid into the forest to cut out her ‘still beating heart’; but Hell; she was step mother to a teenager – I’m tipping she had her reasons!

So the diet was on shaky ground and the movie was a bit of a letdown.  The Queen lived up to expectations; as did Chris Hemsworth and a slew of dwarves that weren’t actually dwarves; but Kristen Stewart seriously has zip presence.  It was like Bella in chain mail.  I actually rolled my eyes when she gave a passionless speech to her father’s men so that they would ride into battle.  That wasn’t getting me to don a sword and ride up the beach only to have hot oil tipped on me; no way!  Bill Pullman in Independence Day – now that was a speech!  Mel Gibson – Braveheart; which was so damned good I almost painted my face blue while sitting on the sofa watching it.

So we actually got to go on  a date, except I had to pay for it and when I suggested that the Squeeze could pay for the food, he bristled and said it was a “snack free date”.   This from a person who I have to frisk and check on the chocolate levels in the supermarket basket prior to check out!

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  1. Yes; a snack free date. Then we get home from a particularly hard training session at boxing - where he decides to lay on the sofa and eat a snickers!!!!!!


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