Tuesday, June 26, 2012

y d w y t

Like me, you are probably wondering just what the hell ‘y d w y t’ means.

Well… Let me enlighten you.

As a general rule, the Squeeze and I manage to exchange several “organisational” emails throughout the day. This is usually in regards to boxing or a discussion/decision on what we intend to cook for dinner, or the Kid/Harridan requirements/demands.

Firstly, I should mention that these emails have absolutely nothing to do with any new found Squeeze need for plans or spread sheets. He is an “on the fly” kind of guy; on the odd times I have presented him with a spread sheet, he has given me a derisive look and promptly deleted it; pausing only long enough to ridicule me to his “one the fly” kids.

Therefore, when he instigates these conversations, it must be because he understands me so well. He knows that I am without doubt, a ‘plans and spread sheets’ kind of girl; that I need planning and organisation like I need air, right..?

Today, my reply to his dinner question was answered with: y d w y t

Okay; I know him well and can often guess his rather cryptic messages, after all, I’ve been receiving them for years.  But this one stumped me, so I was forced to question him. The answer I received was a hilarious ‘y d w y t - you do what you're told’.

Given that he is a well-known Moodle, the absurdity of that answer is not what this blog entry is about.

You see it suddenly dawned on me why we have these little tête-à-têtes throughout the day. It isn’t about scheduling or preparation. It isn’t about understanding my need for organisation and planning. It certainly isn’t because he misses me and just sends one line, reaches out so that he knows I am there…

No. I suddenly knew that this is so he can have it sorted with as little stress, fuss or conversation as possible. Then, the evening is organised so he won’t even have to mutter “what’s for dinner” on his way to the sofa!

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