Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sleeping Bear

Be careful what you wish for…  That is what my mother used to say.

I believe the meaning of this adage was along the lines of discovering that if you got it, sometimes you realised it wasn’t what you wanted after all.  In my case, this isn’t true.  I wanted the Squeeze to just once; just one time – stand up for himself.  Bite the bullet.  Let her have it.  Tell her to mind her own damned business and keep her face out of our lives! 

Tonight, I saw it.  It was a thing of beauty really.  Actually, bitch slapping her off her chair would have been my first preference, but this will do!

Things had been silent since our email exchange, as is often the case with him.  I suppose he goes into thought mode, which I should be grateful for in reality.  But he came in the door and I was ready for boxing; determined to go with or without him and resolute not to make a scene if he intended to slink off for the “Brady Bunch Birthday Dinner”.  Instead, he came in singing and set about changing for boxing.

On the way, the kid called and asked about dinner, including the somewhat covertly 'was I coming…..'

So the Squeeze explained that going out for dinner… Just a cosy table of the four of us wasn’t going to work and even if I didn’t come, there is only history there now (and not pleasant history) and doing dinner as a happy little family just wasn’t an option.  Instead, we would go to boxing, he would go to dinner with his mother and then the Squeeze would collect him from dinner and take him to a movie.  Finally...  The truth!

The kid sounded fine.  I was fine.  Everyone was happy…

Well everyone except the Harridan who called as we got in from boxing; her raised tone echoed throughout the house (and it wasn’t even on speaker!)   He had ruined everything.  He had stuffed her around.  He had… blah blah.  The kid “wanted” a family dinner and he was too damned selfish.. blah blah.
Surprisingly, he let her have it with both barrels.  Truth tell, I've never seen him in such good form...

I believe the clincher for him was when he realised that she fully intended to have a “family” birthday dinner on Friday night with herself and the three boys (and we were certainly not invited); yet she would plant herself smack in the middle of our birthday dinner – like a freaking buda!

In other words, we needed her superior supervision…
Not in this lifetime.

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