Monday, June 18, 2012

Over my dead body!

After being in Kid 3 land all week, it was decided that some off-site bonding would be in order (I decided); so the Squeeze and Kid 3 loaded up the car and headed to the coast for the weekend.

This enabled some quality girl time for me which included going blonde (after 20 years of being a brunette, but I’m in a funk and need a makeover); having a girlfriend over for the weekend where we set about cooking and proceeded to knock off four bottles of champagne, gossiped and watched movies.  It was heaven.  Even more so, good champagne means no hangover!

So the weekend allowed for some much needed ‘space’ between the kid and I.  Lately, it feels as though every time I turn around, he is there.  If he isn’t there, then the Squeeze and I are arguing or stressing because the Harridan is attempting to make sure he is there.  Generally, this comes under the guise of cleaning six months of scum from the house in Velvet Land as she prepares for it to be rented out.

Frankly, this is utterly astounding and quite frankly appalling to me.  I have lived where I am for going on six years and if I had to move out next week, I could clean it in a day.  I seriously cannot imagine any house on the planet could be so disgusting that it warrants three weeks’ worth of cleaning, so instead, I believe that she is finally seeing someone (my guess would be a woman but that is still up for interpretation…)

I’m all for her having a life, but hey...  Whoever you are dating, get them used to kids and house already!  Having someone else in my space is difficult at the best of times, more so given the gulf between hygiene view’s.   Since my birthday and the Kid’s apology for being loathsome (my terminology, not his J ) things have been a little easier.  I no longer feel the escalation of stress and resentment building as we count down to a kid weekend however, the reality of life says that it will never be ‘easy’. 

When they got home from the coast, we went to a movie and dropped the kid off at the house we are not allowed to know about.  It is the same instruction every time; the Squeeze is not allowed to go anywhere near her house.  The kids would be too scared to let him in the door if she wasn’t home, because she would blow a gasket.  Why, is anyone’s guess.  Maybe she is ashamed of her lack of the cleaning gene but I think it is just to be contrary in reality.

When the Squeeze came out to the car he mentioned that they hadn’t been able to get the set top box working and Kid 1 asked him to go have a look at it.

Ummm yeah.  Over my dead body!  If you can’t stand up for your dad; if said dad isn’t allowed anywhere near the property… Then you can get a freaking TV repair man!!!!

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