Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Biach is Cuckoo!

I love receiving comments on my blog.  Admittedly, I get the odd “vitriolic ex-wife” who wants to waffle on about the Squeeze’s masculinity, or lack thereof due to my bitter tirades; but as a general rule of thumb, I get communiques’ from relatively normal, sane people, who question these documented moments of ‘Harridan unhinged’.

And let’s face it; although they have tapered off so that I no longer need to blog about them every day in an attempt to vent, they are still somewhat prevalent in any dealings we have with her; enough to keep my fingers busy.  In truth, you’d have figured that after a few years, I’d cease to be astounded by her insanity…  But this is not the case.

Prior to posting, I generally cast an eye over it to ensure I haven’t gone off the deep end (and I’m not always successful with that I have to say…) and yet I find that most of the time, there is no need to exaggerate either the Harridan’s obvious narcissism nor my flabbergasted, stunned, astounded, speechless reactions.  They are spot on; in your face real.

The delusional suggestion that she should come to dinner when we took Kid 2 out for his birthday was downright bizarre; and kind of indicates that she is living in a reality vacuum of her own making.   Any idea that this was about the kid, was totally undone by the veracity that she had already planned her own “family dinner”…

This was about her; her misguided theory that she is the matriarch of the family and will be forever.   A modern day Ma Barker!

Of course my favourite comment received re my last blog was:  “Read your blog – that biach is cuckoo!”

Ahhh  I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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