Sunday, July 1, 2012


It’s 12.04pm and the Squeeze and Kid 3 have left to go bonding.  Yay!

Kid 2 is starting football.  The last time they were here, he donned gloves and took to punching the bag.  I’m pretty certain when we started at the boxing gym, we were almost laughable so little skill did we possess; but this kid!  This kid smacked like a twelve year old girl which was quite hilarious.  I’m not seeing a thrilling career in football.

So they have traipsed off after taking forever to get ready and to the sound of my ‘drip technique’ “what time are you going..?”; five minutes - “what time are you going..?”  Not that I was eager to have them gone or anything; I mean my afternoon consists of cleaning and then going for a walk!  But we have been a crowd so far this weekend considering the girl on my side was here Friday night and I’m planning on enjoying a little ‘me’ time.

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