Friday, July 13, 2012

Missing in Blog Action

A girlfriend emailed me the other day and mentioned that my blog was a little light on these days.

She was right of course.  I’m a prolific blogger when I’m furious and venting.  When the Harridan has skipped down one of her outlandish paths, I’m at my absolute sarcastic best.  Lately, I’m missing in action – blog wise.

But let’s face it; her diminishing power has seen my life move into a “coasting” phase.  Her pipping in over the top happens less; even more astounding is that when her head does bob up, the Squeeze jumps to handle it.  At least he does when I point out the absurdity of some of her demands.

With the “birthday dinner”, one minute he was emailing me telling me we were doing family dinner some place and that I should ‘suck it up’; the next he was bitch slapping her via phone and quite rightly asking why the hell she should waddle in and plonk her arse in the middle of “our” dinner – yet feel free to have her own “family birthday dinner” that we were not on the list to attend.

It was a thing of beauty really…

So other than the odd interruption of Kid 3 coming over to give me a tongue biting weekend and the Squeeze and Kid 3, turning it into a little piece of “clean freak hell”, things are good.

Actually, that would be good aside from the fact that we are so fat we are almost circles, so life is miserable while we diet (including being extremely light on re alcohol) and go boxing four times a week!

Stupid fat genes!

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