Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is 'BunHIlda'.  Got to love the wart...

When the Squeeze didn't hang around to clean Kid 2's house yesterday, suffice to say she was livid.  Kid 2 and the Gal were  leaving the current hovel they have been existing in, to move to new shared environment.  It was always going to be ugly due to the fact that it is even worse than "clean freak hell" was.

We were in Carlton having coffee and cake when he received a text message... "U R a fiken blah blah" and: "what... is Bunhildas kids moving??"

After we stopped laughing, we spent a good half an hour trying to work out who the hell Bun Hilda was.  I finally figured what she probably meant was "Broomhilda", the comic book witch.

Funny really because I see the emails/texts she sends to the Squeeze; the lists of demands and orders and insults.  I call her the Harridan because I see and hear first hand how spiteful she is.  She gets nothing from me; other than an end to her ability to rape and pillage any and everything the Squeeze owned.  And I suppose that his time is a little more limited; after all, she no longer counts in the scheme of things...  And we deal with six kids, and she doesn't see any other than her little darlings.  

Then I built her hopes up; thinking that she could think along "double income" lines; only to shoot that star down before it even made a glimmer in the sky.  Yet I am the witch.  Well I did come along and ruin her gravy train I guess.  What a damned cheek.

This time, I decided to sit and reply to her abusive text; which I have not done previously.  I merely thanked her for her concern; and pointed out that my children were not actually moving anywhere at the moment and for her future reference, I believe it is spelled "Broom-Hilda".  
Strangely enough, she didn't reply...

We were happy to help the kid move, even though we didn't get asked to or even told about it except by Kid 3 on Friday.  But there wasn't a hope in hell I was staying to knuckle down and clean.  Sorry, but you create a filthy slum - you deal with it.  This woman doesn't seem to understand that kids actually need to learn a lesson in life.  And when push comes to shove, not one of them could be found when the Squeeze was moving; not even to move their own damned stuff.  I work in IT; you seriously need to 'manage user expectations'; and there has been none of that happening in Harridan Land.  This became more than obvious during coffee today when Kid 2 mentioned that we could get him a "Webber BBQ" for a house warming gift.  Ummm yeah.  The Squeeze hasn't had a birthday or Christmas present, so they won't even be getting a candle.

Not only did I not care if he discovered a glimmer of "stress" re moving, due to the stress they inflicted on the Squeeze; but we were both positive "mummy dearest" would stay to do everything that was required - because she can't let the little darlings actually find their own feet.  Hell, if they learn to stand on their own two feet she would be superfluous; and she couldn't have that.  Personally, I have thought she was that for a long time.

What irked me the most is that this moron can't even punctuate and spell correctly when sending an insult!   How stupid can you be?

Yesterday, all I could think about was her saying to the Squeeze a couple of years ago "I am happy you are happy!"  -  which really meant that she wished he was dead.  Snap.  That hasn't changed lol

:-)  Love,
Bun Hilda!

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