Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Brady Bunch

Today is Easter Sunday and the Squeeze and I are doing an Easter dinner.

Kid 3 on his side is out due to him being down the coast with the Harridan and her people.  Kid 1 on my side is up in Mackay so he and his girl are out.  Kid 3 on my side isn't up until tomorrow with his girl.

So we get to sit down to our roast with Kid 1 + Kid 2 and his gal on his side; and the girl + friend on my side.  This is blended families at it's best!
Assuming there are no rows and no one dies, it could be a good day and in fact, I'm looking forward to it.  Kids can be tough work but sitting down to dinner with a group that are all adults and can follow up with some pretty witty conversation, is good fun.

Thankfully, it's only 10.15am and due to the preparation I did yesterday, I figure I an go back to bed with a book for a little while.

Not 100% certain how my home made vanilla ice cream will turn out but the blueberry coulee tastes fantastic and the Squeeze is doing a leg of lamb out on the webber.  I have the lindt bunnies and tiny M&M eggs for the table so if nothing else, at least no one will starve.

Tomorrow, we are off to the football for a Geelong v Hawthorn game.  I mentioned to my daughter that the Squeeze's two kids are both Hawthorn supporters and she mentioned if we are getting whooped, that we would be leaving early… Oh she of little faith!

Nothing funny to write about as yet; of course I'm sure something will happen over dinner.   It always does!!  Maybe someone will mention the Broom Hilda comment...  Maybe it will be me!

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