Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Own Little Kingdom

Just because this is kind of groovy "Background Music” for a blog entry about getting a house.

My organisational skills are legendary.  Everything is done by spreadsheet and/or project management plan; how can you exist without organisation..?  How can you not manage time efficiently!  How can you do that and live..?

This has been, and continues to be a huge gulf between the Squeeze and I as he and his children live life ‘on the fly’.  Even the term ‘on the fly’ is enough to have me break out in a cold sweat.  It is an ugly term.  I hate flies.

This weekend we are going to an open for inspection and the weekend after, the house we are looking at is up for auction.  It’s at the end of the street from where we currently live, is a little bit bigger and when I look at it, I see what “could be”, as opposed to the slump of time.

Even knowing that I will be responsible for the “could be” isn’t phasing me.  Let’s face it, the Squeeze is a “Gerry built” kind of guy with an inability to see a “could be” and I can envisage with style!  This isn’t even taking into account the fact that he wouldn’t know the arse end of a drill and thinks nothing of dragging out my tools and leaving them wherever.  I’m a "take that screwdriver out of that slot, and it sure as hell better go back in that exact slot!!!!" kind of girl.

Of course it is unlikely that we’d get to bid on the house, given that I didn’t grab ex husband super and he handed money to the Harridan, hand over fist.  Not to mention the fact that I am investing in my “inheritance”; so already paying off a house.  Still, it’s nice to dream about it...

I’ve already told the Squeeze that if we were lucky enough to prevail on auction day; we would have to address our spending issues and he would have to adopt a “tight fisted” lifestyle with the kids (who thanks to the Harridan, actually believe that he is a squillionaire... who could light cigars with $100 bills [if he smoked]) And those kids are basically financial vampires that rule his world (and garlic does nothing to this lot… I haven’t tried the stake yet, but am considering it.)

A house; sigh...  Now that would change our world. 

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