Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happiness. In a day…

Here is some background music for you while reading!  

Okay; I wasn't exactly singing in the rain with the thought of Easter Sunday festivities.  Often, when attempting to plan anything that involves a schedule and the Squeeze's kids; it goes to Hell in a hand basket.  And let's face it, far too much time has passed for these kids to learn the art of arriving on time.

They are often late, or cancel out at the last minute.  They are, in a word, a planning Nazi's worst nightmare.  I don't think they even know what the word 'spreadsheet' means...

And then it started about Sunday; mid afternoon.  Kid 1 called stranded some place in the middle of nowhere with a dead car.  I always find it amusing that they would pause to call the Squeeze to ask him about anything mechanical; as I have said many times previously, I am the man in this relationship…  Listening to these two discussing possible clutch issues was a case of the blind leading the blind.

Still, while listening in, I advised that driving it probably wasn't the best idea and the Squeeze came in with calling the RACV to get it sorted.  One kid in all likelihood, down.

Then there was the fact that he had been picking up Kid 2 and his gal from the other side of town.  Alarm bells were ringing.  They don't come over to see us much; if invited, they demand a 1.5 hour round trip to pick them up and I suddenly saw myself doing dinner on my own while the Squeeze zoomed around picking up and dropping up.

Luckily, I'd done quite a bit of preparation the day previously so I shoo'd him off and went to work, wondering what the hell I was going to do with all the food if they didn't turn up.  I tend to cook for 20 when aiming for ten at the best of times…  Testimony to that is our expanding girths that no amount of boxing can alleviate.

Still, when dinner time rolled around we had all parties accounted for and sitting at the table for what was a very enjoyable Easter dinner.  There was plenty of food and wine; lots of laughter and lively debate.  There was home made ice cream (which could have been firmer…) and by the time the Girl on my side + friend left, we were yawning and it was nearly midnight.

In the morning the Squeeze cooked breakfast on the bbq and we hung around in our pi's (and his oldest in his undies… which is a tad weird but hey, glad he felt comfortable :-) bonding with televisions depicting different styles (us girls in the lounge with Vampire Diaries [Damon certainly gets me making a weird little growl in the back of my throat… but that smile!]  And the boys in the spare room watching weirdo wrestling.

Then is was off to the football where his children and one girlfriend got a first hand exhibition of true Cats supporters as the Girl and I screamed and cheered and jumped up and down like lunatics.

That night, when I got into bed, I felt decidedly happy with my life.

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