Monday, April 23, 2012

The Kid Wants...

As expected, given that the Kid couldn’t stay with us all weekend, he was dropped at the Harridan’s sister’s place on Saturday night.  So much for the manipulative text “the kid wants to stay with you...”

I knew damned well that wasn’t the case.  Why on earth would the kid want to return to the place of his torture?  I bet he is still rocking in a corner some place; having nightmares at least – after all, I did ask him to use a knife and fork on his bacon and eggs.  Hell, he will probably require hours of therapy for that down the track.

In the scheme of things, from a Harridan perspective, I would think that this was the best possible outcome...  This way, the kid could be handed over like a batten in a hippy style relay; from one discipline ignorant, velvet wearing mummy to another.

Similar hair (look at me, look how arty I am; I’ve got a red streaky thing going on...); similar house environments (no garden, curtains bunched up in windows, stuff lying around the yard).  I can’t be sure, but I suspect more vegetarians that feel penicillin is evil... I mean you don’t suddenly wake up with those things resounding in your head.  Not unlike Kid 3 – that stuff is brain washed into you.
I don’t remember the younger kid but the one similar to Kid 3’s age was so obnoxious that I took an instant dislike to him when I met him.  In an effort to ensure he has good self esteem, he has clearly been told over and over again, how wonderful he is.  And the fool kid actually believes it.

When the Squeeze dropped the kid over there, he gave him a $50 note in case they went anywhere.  He didn’t go anywhere but the note sure as hell didn’t come home.  It would appear the younger kid over in velvet land, decided he should have it.  And who cares if they are breeding obnoxious little thieves; as long as they all feel good about themselves.  Will be interesting to see if it comes back...

Yesterday, we went to a family christening with Kid 1, 2 and 3 which was a big family event.  The Squeeze and I, in an attempt to help the baby grow with an appreciation for good music and reading, purchased an old classic record, with the book ‘Treasure Island’ as a card.  We are nothing if not original...

I found it amusing when Kid 1 and 2 were saying how good our Easter dinner was that Kid 3 turned and accusatory glare on the Squeeze and said: “you had something without me!”   Got to admit, I was impressed when the Squeeze fired back “you were invited last weekend; in fact it was our weekend and you blew us off!”  That shut him down rather effectively.

All in all, we had a pleasant weekend but with all the comings and goings, not a spare moment to ourselves.  There has been no discussion, nor resolution regarding the “great cutlery wars” which makes things difficult.  I dislike leaving things up in the air and the reality of life is that I don’t intend to put up with some kid being a smart arse to me; nor do I like the idea of my partner allowing that.

The Harridan, finding it too difficult to rouse herself to get the kid to school on time for his school camp, has arranged for him to stay with us on Thursday and Monday night.  I in turn, have arranged for the Squeeze and the kid to stay at my daughter’s apartment.  That way, the totally disorganised can get ready in one location and us with precision organisation; can get ready for work at home.

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