Friday, March 30, 2012

Superiority – Idiot

My blog was much funnier when the Squeeze and I were merely trying one another on for size, as opposed to actually ‘living the dream’ as we are now.

Perhaps if it had been just the Squeeze I was trying on, it would have been a little easier. However, with the potential of blending families, it is more like trying on a whole new outfit – with all the accessories. The Squeeze was the dress; kids were matching shoes; and the Harridan... Well what else could she be but the bag..?

After a couple of years, I’m no longer utterly astounded by some of her comments and expectations. It wasn’t a once off and she wasn’t just having a bad week in the start. She really is that spiteful, it wasn’t an accident.

With that acceptance, also comes the reality that I am no longer prepared to tippy toe around that much either. Yes, yes; there is a list of things that you must “suck it up” for; to allow for the benefit of all, but there is also a requirement to be true to yourself. For example, I’m not prepared to put myself into situations such as the school concert the other week. I don’t intend to give the Harridan the opportunity to look through me as though I wasn’t there, thus enforcing this behaviour on the kids. That just makes everyone feel uncomfortable and let’s face it, it is the behaviour of twelve year olds.

Kid 2’s gal’s birthday went by last week in between moving house and the text came that they would hold a backyard bbq at their new shared living arrangement. This of course, is my idea of hell and to be honest, I have no desire to go anywhere that the Harridan is frequenting. When the “frost” came out at the school concert, the ‘gal’ didn’t give me any conversation until we had left so in effect, I was made to feel like an interloper – which is exactly how the witch planned it.

Yeah; I don’t generally give someone the opportunity to be ‘in your face’ rude to me a second time. Either the Kid and his Gal can do dinner separately with us or the Squeeze can go on his own for the “happy family bbq!”

You may wonder how, if I don’t turn up for these events, how the hell I’m going to get any fodder for my blog... The truth is that the Harridan is incapable in not bandying about her superior knowledge in ‘every-single-fricking-thing-on-the-planet’. Just ask her. The Squeeze has a million text messages, all depicting her supremacy.

Just yesterday he received a text in her usual Neanderthal style of English demanding that he return Kid 3’s EPI Pen. Upon his reply of “No problem; bring ours and I’ll do a swap”. He got back “What has happened to you? I’ll bring your out of date pen back!”

Sigh. What has happened is that he no longer does and pays as instructed.
And he is no longer brainwashed into believing that the Harridan is the “source of truth” or that “she must be obeyed”. For example, the EPI Pen does have a ‘use by date’. On ours, it is next month. 

But if you care to pause in your tirade to examine the pen, you will see the large green window with a clear liquid window on the side that says: REPLACE WHEN SOLUTION IS DISCOLOURED.

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