Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worshipping at the House of Blues

In the past, I dated people who I thought were similar to me; making sure there were just a few oddities thrown in to give some measure of diversity.   Hell, who am I kidding, I married most of them, but that's another story.    Still, after you have had several wild misses, you tend to examine things a little more closely to see what you did wrong.   What were the little things that worked; and what were the alarm bells and lessons you learnt along the way.   What was the “hidden” that when it came to the surface, had you worshiping in the house of blues.

Okay the music is actually John Lee Hooker, Rock House Blues - but near enough is good enough!

When I look back, I see that there was me as, say...  Black; then there was them as... well, white.   And because I’m dieting, let’s go with a chocolate analogy.   This is not any black arts, black magic, black is evil crap either; I just prefer to run with a Wesley Snipes moment of “always bet on the black”.

Anyway, I’m dark chocolate over here and then along comes a cup of white chocolate and it just jumps right into the bowl – yet somehow, the two just didn’t mix.   Maybe it was because they weren't the same blend; maybe they just didn't stir it enough or put enough effort into it.  Mainly I suspect, it was because there was way too much dark and only a dash of white.   Or maybe the dashes of white came from myself; given that I’m a Gemini and therefore already a set of twins in my own head.

Either way, every so often I pause to examine the Squeeze to see where he fits into this analogy; have we combined to create a lovely caramel swirl?  Has the white, tempered the bitterness of the dark?  In fact, I believe that he is almost a mirror image of me for the deal breakers.

Deal breakers I hear you ask?   For my mind, there is the list of things that are vital in order for me to continue being ‘me’; and there is no man on the planet worthy of renouncing them.   What works between the Squeeze and I, is that our list would appear to be the same.

We each have a music and writing compass that rules our world.  It's not the same compass and the guidelines are not rigid.   There is no necessity that we be identical.   In some ways, we are in what could only be considered, extreme dark/white chocolate corners.  For example, I like Gaga and he likes Miles Davis; but there must be enough of a cross over blend (Bob Dylan) to understand each other; to appreciate why the other would worship at our respective musical houses.

What is my blog about?   Nothing really; just mulling.  I do that.

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