Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby

Tonight we wagged off boxing. Instead, I stopped off to get my leg's waxed and the Squeeze went to sit, sip coffee and watch the world go by.

I hate that week before I get my legs waxed. I'm not an overly hairy person at the best of times but this morning, I looked like a European wolf spider. So by the time I was walking out of the salon and off to meet the Squeeze for a cup of tea and conversation; I was feeling pretty good about myself.

We got home and he cooked a fantastic Carbonara; I had a glass of red. I showered, we watched My Kitchen Rules and I turned to him at 8pm and said “let's just go to bed now... have wild sex and go to sleep...”
And here is where the background music is needed...

And he said “but we can't! It's My Kitchen Rules night! And then we've got to watch the Walking Dead!”

Hmmmm. This idiot sounds like a man that since being with me, can't remember what “sexual drought” was like.  Doesn't remember when he had to put a bit of Marvin Gaye or Barry White on to get a bit of action.

And I think he is about rediscover just what that feels like...

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