Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh Lord, won't you buy me…

Okay.  My life sucks.  Work sucks.  I had a totally hideous day!  Hell, they don’t pay me enough to turn up there each day and listen to the whining!

So… here is some background music while you read my prose…  And I should probably point out about now, that although I like to think that I select the music fit the specific blog, it only has to fit it according to my brain and my brain doesn’t work the same as everyone else’s.
I have a project at work that has been quite dear to my heart.  Dear to my heart for about 3 years.  In fact it is moving out of ‘dear to my heart’ into ‘can we get this thing in already’ land…  Still, I’ve gone the ‘extra mile’; ‘above and beyond’, ‘into the twenty first century and beyond!’  It is for the NICU, (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and I have a great amount of empathy for these people because firstly, they do a great job; secondly, I once lived in one for 6 months while my son was in at the children’s.  Actually I lived in Ronald McDonald house but that is splitting hairs…

I agree – it has taken a long time, but hey; it’s public health for crying out loud.  Yes… I know that there is never enough resources to get any actual work done; making it impossible to achieve any ‘good’ and when you think about it, how could there be with so many chiefs..?  Still, the few of us resources that turn up each day do a pretty good job.
So I left early after an unjust berating from a director.

Yep.  Just up and left.
And now that I am on my first red and coasting into ‘relaxation’; I figure it is time I won lotto and retired.  Please…

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