Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Claytons Ending

Sheesh!  Just when I figure the whole tent thing is finished, it rears its ugly head again!   What would I do without that tent?  How would I blog?  Surely my well of blogging fodder would dry up!  I’d be forced to blog about normal stuff!
And when all is said and done, I’m not even that fond of camping...  Its okay, but I can’t say it’s my first choice on holidaying ideas, that’s for sure!  Bugs the size of pterodactyls abound and even worse, there is this constant “dirty” feel that no amount of showering can improve, which really goes against my serial killer neatness.  But this was never about the tent; it was always about the principal.
So even as the tent shunk into the background, it managed to retain a glimmer of light as the Harridan continued to make threats to take action over her enforced “purchase” of the tent.  Frankly, I could almost wish that she would go that far since she seems to need someone other than the Squeeze to tell her you can’t just steal someone’s property – even if you were once married to the other person.  Marriage does not equal “open slather on their stuff until they are DEAD!”
And then last night, kid 2 sends a text with the one word that has become the Goodyear Blimp of blog silage.  He is off for a weekend concert and seeking a tent to go camping with so sends a query to the Squeeze to ask if he can borrow the tent.
The Squeeze returns with a ‘tongue in cheek’ “ask your mother”.  A minute or two delay and the kid comes back with “she says she doesn’t have it.”
Now this has my curiosity blazing.  Because she would revel in her ability to martyr up and be the one that races in, Joan of Arc style, to provide a tent for the kid and his gal – even at the risk of the kid, knowing the true ownership, hands it back to him.  That she doesn’t is the first real indication that she no longer has the tent.
So...  What the hell did she do with it? 
And curiosity gives way to amusement because if she is truly so damned spiteful that she has given the tent away; or even better, has tossed it in the backyard and used it as a sacrificial bonfire to dance around – then the fact that he has made her purchase the thing must be making her eyes bleed!

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