Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spencer Street Station

This week has seen more comings and goings than Spencer Street Station. 
Boxing has slunk out the door due to a mindless calendar; and dieting is completely pointless due to a reluctance to serve up “Lite & Easy” to guests.  Not that I mind too much about giving up the Lite and Easy; and I’m pretty certain the Squeeze doesn’t, given that last week he was begging my daughter to come stay after boxing so that he could “eat a normal meal…”
The trouble with entertaining is that involves so much eating and drinking.  You go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and there isn’t one second spent calorie counting.

Although I’m okay with the odd “off” week, can’t say that it has been all roses.  The girl has been spiralling with allergic reaction and I’ve got some weird migraine thing that puts me off balance.  We are talking a complete breakdown of my ability to stand without swaying.  I’m sure that anyone who saw me walking around today figured I was a closet drinker.
It brings back memories of me trying to sidle into the house when I was young.  The object was to be seen for only the briefest of moments.  Long enough for my parents to register that I was alive and home, not long enough to register that I was half sozzled on the drink of choice which if I remember correctly, when I was sixteen, was Blackberry Nip. (I still can’t stomach it)

So I’ve fallen into bed in an exhausted heap each night and tonight will be no different; only earlier if I have it my way.  Boy 2 and his gal (my side) are here tonight and after dinner, they are off to a concert and I will be out like a light!

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