Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do Not Forsake Me

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I'm not what you would call a 'girly girl'. In fact when it comes to power tools or understanding the manly thought process; in this relationship – I am the one.

For example; when we decided to buy and hang a bag in the garage to practice boxing, the Squeeze figured we could just throw a chain over the existing beam and start whacking.   I tend to figure I'd rather check out the support structure and when I find it insufficient, won't hold with the additional weight and impact, set about fortifying it.

Today however, I think it was proven that I am the woman.  The Squeeze, is well... truly swimming in the land of testosterone.  He is sweating it.  Totally manned up.  All bow at the feet of the man.

After doing a mercy dash to the girl and delivering an epi pen (she has inherited every bad gene I have got going and reactions come with swollen tongue and throat); we went out for breakfast, did an Office Works run which is like Toys-R-Us for adults and then came home, slammed the door and settled in.

Being in an unusual mellow mood, I've just gone with the flow today and the Squeeze has had his will with the television.  He has poured through dvd's and offered the odd, perfunctory "what about this..?" query.  But now, at 8.12 pm, I realize I've totally overdosed on testosterone today; hell, I could literally scratch my balls at any moment!
My afternoon consisted of gangster movie “Public Enemy” (although having Johnny on screen for the afternoon was pleasant...) and this was followed by Wyatt Earp.

Never was there so much spitting, punching and gun fighting in my house...

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