Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gemini Dream

For this evenings listening blog pleasure

Now this is romance. Read these lyrics…
Yes I know you have to skip over the whole 80’s thing.
Shut one eye and squint with the other and you barely notice the fashions.

And how can you not love lines like this:
First night, so long
A state of mind
What can go wrong?
I mean given that we had kids over every night last week, it definitely was a first free night in so long.

And then we move into:
We're here, the time is right
To rock 'n' roll
Right through the night

And about there is where the wheels fall off.
All through the night..? What…. The whole night?
That really is a Gemini dream!

There is no “whole night” – not while television is alive and well!

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