Saturday, October 29, 2011

What will I do….?

I’m sitting here wondering just what I’ll do if he actually manages to walk in the door with the tent today.

A:  I’d rather hotel than go camping with those flies the size of cows, mosquitos the size of terrordactyls - but I must admit, I did have fun last year.

B:  The Harridan has provided me with hours and hours of fun.  I’ve got to swear and storm about the house, not to mention that I have been able to spatter our life with about a million digs – all in the name of a tent.
The trouble is that I’m incapable of understanding anything this woman does. I’ve often said I must be the man in this relationship; and don’t think that I didn't want to say that she must be from Mars, and me from the womanly Venus; but I seriously doubt that is the case.  And just how does that work since I have a suspicion that she is a closet lesbian anyhow..?  (anyone who can hate an ex that is basically good, must hate them because they blame them for their life...)

Earlier this week, the Squeeze phones the school and asks to speak to the sports department.  This is where the Harridan has told him his tent is now residing.  He chases around speaking with various people only to discover that they have no idea what he is talking about.  His tent is not at the school and never has been.
I mean I can’t even be furious about it.  It is simply utterly astounding to me.  Why would anyone go out of their way to prove so many of your worst qualities; all at once?  I always knew she was vindictive; she is a proven liar and definitely a thief. 

But to let those skills rule you so totally that you would risk your job?  Drag the work place into your deceit and proclaim to everyone that you work with, that you’re a lying thief?  It beggars belief!
Still, will the Moodle prance in with the tent – I doubt it.  In fact, in some ways, I hope not because we have surpassed drama and this is just getting funnier by the week!

Tonight, we are off out to dinner to celebrate two years of relationship bliss.  Or maybe it is to celebrate the fact that two years in, he remains unstabbed…

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