Monday, October 31, 2011

Cup Day BBQ

We have people coming tomorrow to watch the cup, drink champagne and bet on nags; so this evening was about tidying up the back to make sure all was ready.  While hanging out washing this morning, the sun was shining and all was right with the world.  Still, I had to dodge bees due to a huge tree that overhangs from next door.  It’s got lovely flowers with a sweet, pungent smell that lingers out the back and a smattering of small white/pink flowers that drop over everything.

I could hear buzzing as I was hanging and the louder it got, the faster I hung.
I’m anaphylactic. Bees are on my no go zone so I raced inside and shut the back doors and windows and then left a note on my list of things to do that encompassed “prune bee tree”.  Hell, I can’t have the guests stung, or me doing the “chicken” as my throat closes over!

So my lovely day off, home alone, really was just about cleaning, ironing and cooking.  What happened to sleep ins..?

So the Squeeze wanders in early from work and I suggest he cleans the bbq and he heads outside rather good naturedly for such a lazy S.O.B.  Rather than me stay inside and complete my ironing, feeling guilty about the heavy work outside; I turn the iron off and go out to help.

I grab a set of 3 foot long pruning shears (I don’t want to get too close to the bees) and start lopping off the overhanging branches.  And I’ll just admit for a second, I’m doing it with ease.  These shears are heavy duty and not only am I snipping, but them I’m using them to flick the possible bee infested branches over my head.

That worked find until the squeeze approached during my upward swing and I clocked him on the forehead.

Well.  That was a display.  Talk about a fire cracker.  He has a cute gash, bump and hopefully, a bruise to show at tomorrow’s party….

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