Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sky Rockets in Flight

You really need to click on this link and have a little background music to read this too. 
 Ok, it’s not exactly Barry White, but I believe you will get my point…
[ok, that is so much better than the rapist glasses wearing starlight thing...]

We haven’t quite reached two years as yet.  Not for another couple of weeks.  Still, we have slipped into ‘comfortable’ more than I could have imagined.  Oh we still have our transient issues – all his I might add, which maybe the nut doctor can help him address (although I doubt it) however, those things aside, our relationship maintained ‘friend’ pretty well.
The trouble with friend is that I actually I like a bit of romance occasionally!  I don’t need violins playing all the time, but I need to know that someone is in love with me!
I should to point out that he did turn up home after a day of bonding with the kid on Sunday, with two bunches of flowers.  Lillies no less; my favourite.  And even more bizarre, I struggle to choose one type of lily as my favourite.  I love them all.  Old fashioned “death flowers” and the Christmas lily; coloured are to die for but not quite as good as the white. 
And here he came home, trundling in with a bunch of each.  Perfect.
So I wondered if the romance level needed escalating.  Hell, we’ve had a kid of some description there for two weeks so I sent him a calendar invitation last night that said “Sex.  Our place.  5pm” which he accepted.
I had the day off and he got home at about 4pm in time to watch me finish off the ironing, pack up and stand in the lounge, hands on hips to say – “it’s time”.
His reply:  “It’s only 4.30!”  WTF?  Why am I the man in this relationship???
My reply: “maybe we can go early and get it over with…  cause you sound like you’re going to the gallows!  Stupid men and romance.
Come 9.10pm; after a particular raunchy episode of ‘The Good Wife’, I suggest we go to bed early for round two.  I get back:  “are you kidding.  I’ve got dishes to do.”
This is a person that wouldn’t know dishes if they fell out of the sky and hit him on the head!!!!

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