Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to work...

I haven't been slack.  Not exactly.
I've had this weird dizzy, migraine thing that has completely knocked me on my arse.
At least the Moodle is in "time off" land, because I've barely said anything about the Harridan - ev en though he did get a "get the freaking tent!" today because he was off baby sitting the 14+ year old.  It's always enlightening; how their mind workds.

ie:  you could get me an iPad for school.

Yeah kid.  Ummm father's day was nothing and his birthday is fast approaching.
Let's see what they come up with for that - after my prompting and then just "you'd better get him something or else!" line!

Personally, I don't give it much hope.  Lucky I found something he should like...

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