Sunday, October 2, 2011

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Catholicism must have changed since the days my kids’ went to school.

Back then, they were all about turning the other cheek (which I was never good at, nor did I instil that in my children…)  That isn’t to say I disagreed with the general Catholic doctrine; if I had, then I guess I’d have found some other school to send them to.  But as in all organised religions, there are bits and bobs that not everyone agrees with.  

I didn’t run with the ‘let’s just move a paedophile to another parish, as opposed to jailing them, so although all three of mine were altar servers, they sure as Hell didn’t get to linger after mass.  

I didn’t agree with the blatant nepotism in school that saw the kid who had fourteen brothers and sisters all lined up in two pews at church, get all the good parts in the school plays.  Nor did I agree with my kid getting the lead part after I voiced complaint about the nepotism displayed for “good catholic families”.

But one of the things that I totally believed in was teaching them right from wrong.  You don’t get to meander through life without a basic set of rules; at least you don’t get to meander through a good life.

So it is with a tad of despondency that I acknowledge that the Catholic Education system must have totally altered their values.   I mean Kid 3 goes to a Catholic School.  The Harridan is an ‘art teacher’ at the same Catholic School.  So it gets up my nose that she thinks it’s fine to steal the Squeeze’s tent; but more than that, encourage the kid to lie about it.

In fact it was the kid that introduced the tent discussion this morning when a commercial came on; it went something like this:

Kid 3 to his father:  “that’s the same as your tent”; obviously without thought. 
Me: “Your father doesn’t have a tent.  Your mother won’t give it back…” 
Kid 3:  “I don’t know anything”
Me:  “you know that it is your dad’s tent”
Kid 3:  “I don’t know anything”
Me: “that is just wrong to choose one parent over the other”
Kid 3:  “I’m not.”
Me:  “Yes you are.”
And then I left the room.

In my world, I have a right to live life by a certain standard.  And I won’t have anyone sit in my lounge room and lie to my face; I don’t care who it is.

I have no doubt he will mention it to the Harridan.  Hopefully she will give me a call…

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