Friday, October 12, 2012

You can’t rewrite history for the organised….

This morning I got up and decided that I’d have a look through the calendar/email and see exactly how many times we have had the kid; rather than just run with her "seen him once in 6 weeks" delusional calendar.

The Squeeze is totally disorganised, always has been; so I’ve no doubt that it used to work.  So lacking is he in order or methodical arrangement that he literally handed her his head on a platter.

But hell, don’t even attempt to rewrite history with me – because I’m super organised and I’ll call her on it every time, with dates, emails, phone calls and texts to back it up.

So this morning I sit and work out exactly how many times the Squeeze has seen Kid 3 over the last 6 weeks…
  • Wednesday and Thursday night prior to going to Greece, he stayed with us.
  • We took him to dinner 3 days after we got home.
  • He stayed the Friday and Saturday night the first weekend we were home.
  • He was supposed to stay the next Friday and Saturday night but she fobbed us off.
  • The Squeeze asked to pick him up and do dinner and a movie last week, but she vetoed it.
  • He took him to cricket on Sunday.
  • And... he has already arranged to take him to dinner and a movie on Monday night.
So; in what world does that equate to once in 6 weeks???

As for the "fluid kid weekends" before - what changed...”

What changed is that he got a life.  By "fluid", she means that she dictated and he jumped to attention.  She effectively had someone to have the kid whenever she desired; in fact when we started to go out together, her sister was doing the same thing! 

Does the Harridan really think that my life, children and family doesn't enter into the equation now...?

Excuse me... but it's my kid’s birthday - mine have them too.  I don't do "fluid".  I plan in advance according to the calendar.  And I am not changing my plans just because she is incapable of buying herself a damned calendar.

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