Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Two Days

On Sunday while crossing paths at a thrilling afternoon of fifteen year old cricket, the Squeeze told the Harridan that from here on in, if she wanted to go anywhere through the week, he is fine to have Kid 3 – but on our terms, not hers.

Our terms were that unless it was an emergency (and yes, they do happen) then he would be available to go over there to “baby sit” the fifteen year old or take him out to dinner and a movie.  If it was an over nighter, he’d drag a sleeping bag with him. 

He went on to explain that given the size of our house, lack of space, privacy and bathroom – and add to that the fact that I also lived there, have kids, shared the environment and had commitments that I had for that time also, then work night sleepovers wouldn’t be a possibility.  Given that since returning home from our holiday the Harridan has contacted him every day to ‘tell’ him that we were having Kid 3; I decided that from here on in, he needed to manage her expectations a little better, because I was getting sick of arguing about it.

There are times in our life when the Squeeze actually does appear to listen to me and I figure he realised that I was right.  She was repeat asking multiple times; and on each of those repeat askings where she totally ignored his “sorry, no can do…” from the previous day, he would raise the question to me again.  I would go ballistic wondering why the hell we were having this discussion all over again; and then we would argue about it - and if it continued, we weren't going to make it.

Obviously this somehow struck home because he raised this as the beginning of the discussion. 

In fact, I was almost disappointed by the lack of reaction when he was telling me the gist of what had transpired.  He mentioned that like me, he had expected a few choice words that basically went along the lines of “that will be a cold day in hell”…   That she didn’t swear at him, he felt was a good thing.

I asked several times “but do you think she got it..?”  “Is this going to continue..?” and each answer seemed relatively positive.  I however, was a little more doubting and did no more than raise an eyebrow and say “let’s see how long it takes to get the text to say you are having him this week…”

How long did it take..?  Just two days.

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