Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleeping at the Hovel

Today I am enjoying the blissful silence of a sparkling clean house and not another person in sight…  No internet; no whining; no noise…  Nada.

As part of our ‘negotiation, the Squeeze picked up Kid 3 and we went out for breakfast to do the family thing.  At the conclusion of this, he and the Kid slunk off to the hovel that is the Harridan’s side of town.  As agreed, he is prepared to look after the kid – but at her house – not mine.

The silence is almost delicious.

I’m going to enjoy seeing how this goes; given that the Squeeze is now a couple of years in to living in a house that is 99% of the time, sparkling…  It doesn’t stink, things are put away, dishes and washing, done. 

And now he’ll be spending the night in clean freak hell – where I’m sure just the stench of it is gag worthy – like my spare room on occasion!  Perhaps he can spend the time doing washing!

I haven’t even put music on.  I’m just enjoying the silence.


  1. me too--- mind you I am filling it with Nick cave tributes!

    guess who :)

    you will show me on Thursday hoe not to be anonymous x


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!