Sunday, October 14, 2012

Exploding Head

Tonight while google-ing and contemplating what picture would do my blog topic justice, I came across an interesting blog on a trifecta.  No…  It wasn’t about racing.  It was about a three way relationship and the love and pitfalls that would appear to be inherent with such a thing.

Personally, I can’t see the appeal.  There is always ‘one’ going to feel pain.  It’s like an episode of “Big Love” – Wife 2 and 3 bitch and whine because Wife 1 has all the power.  She is the first wife.  She has the ring, the security…  Hell, it would suck to be anyone other than Wife 1.

Anyhow, what I was searching for in Google images was an “exploding head”…  Perhaps that I found it on the big love blog (not that it was called that…) is an indication of how that is working out for them.

But back to my issues…

Weirdly, I was kind of looking forward to a night on my own.

That isn’t anything against or about the Squeeze; I love him, love being with him.  It’s just that sometimes silence really is delicious; and I can crave it as much as chocolate.  I don’t necessarily have to stuff my face with it; sometimes just a rhapsodic nibble soothes the savage beast.

A lot of planning goes in to a night away.  Anyone reading this who has browsed more than one or two entries on this blog will understand when I say “a lot of planning”, I am without doubt meaning that I am the planner.  So I've had a fair amount of scheduling and just a tiny little dash of concern to deal with.

Planning…  My new car is on order so I’m carless.  As a general rule, come 9pm, one of us will pick up my daughter from work and deposit her at her home.  This is not for her; this is for me.  I can’t stand the stress and worry of thinking about her catching a tram, then a brief walk, then a train, then a brief walk home late on a Sunday night.  This is made worse considering her part time job is in a creepy, loony place where God knows what could follow her home.  To combat this, I booked her a cab online and gave her the money to pay for it.  Yeah.  I know.  She gets four hours minimum wage; costs me sixty bucks.  I may as well have just paid her; but it’s worth it to me to know she’s safe.

Then we had organised that I would have the car tomorrow as I have to leave work early and go to an appointment.  That meant he would have to get up early, come home and get me, where upon I would take him to work, push him out of the car and then slink off to my work.

Suffice to say there has been much discussion to coordinate this – all because the Harridan is up to something and is fobbing the kid off repeatedly.  Still, we kind of managed it.  We were on a path to having it organised.  All the planets aligned…

I had even dealt with the tiny glimmer of unease that my suggestion had been taken on board so effortlessly.  In the end, I figured that my unease was in wondering if I 'should' feel unease.  And in the end, I decided I didn't.  Hell, one cold night in a dirty house should reinforce how nice our home is, so it could really only benefit our relationship.

Then the bitch threw everything to the wind by sending the Squeeze one of her usual, psychotic texts…  'Wot time getting kid And defintely no going into hme' he replied to say "I was under the impression that I was staying the night here with him..." which had her rewriting history again.

To be honest, I figured she would toss a wild card at us but I figured it would be along the lines of not giving the kid a key to the house so forcing our hand to have him here.  In the end, this was the lesser of two evils.  

What planet is this person on; and how do you deal with the insane…?  

 She seriously makes my head explode.

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