Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rules of Engagement

It seems that he Squeeze just doesn’t quite get things on the initial take; or the four or five times after that either…

After our blow up the other week (and his minor tantrum of moving out) we discussed, negotiated, did a little more talking and then I typed up the “rules of engagement” (actually, I called it the “Harmony Convention” because without rules there is no damned harmony!)

Our first test of the water was on Sunday…  How did we go..?  Fail.   The Harridan can’t work a calendar; nor could she organise a beer in a brewery it would seem.  When mix-ups are proven to be attributed to her; she reverts to lies, threats and insults.

So the washout was that the Squeeze was off gadding about with the Kid all Sunday on a “Harrdan” weekend and then instead of giving me a ‘risky business’ moment on Sunday night by staying in the slovenly house; he returned, shaking his head amid the confusion of the Harridan telling him “don’t enter my house!!”

Then last night I get “the Harridan wants us to have the kid for a week in November.

WTF?  Please note: it is not an emergency, nor is it school holidays – so the rules of engagement are on the Harmony Convention.

So yeah.  Sure.  She’s given notice, now he has to either put in for the week off and find a place to take the kid camping; or alternatively – stay at the Harridan’s house (given the last attempt at this, I don’t see that boding well for him). 

Of course if she is talking about the first week in November she’s out of luck anyhow since I’d already talked about us taking my new car for a couple of nights down the coast!

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