Thursday, October 11, 2012


Oh my God.  I couldn’t have found a better song – by ‘Die So Fluid’ – called Pigsty: lol

Last weekend, the Harridan switched weekends so that we were to have Kid 3.  This actually suited us as the Squeeze needed some Dad time, but it also meant I got to get back on to the 'scheduled weekends' – and I organise life by those weekends.

Double bonus; the Harridan called the change which meant we could suck it up (in her eyes) when in truth, planning in the future and knowing this weekend was a “free” weekend, I’d organised to go to my family for the weekend.  My son’s birthday (yes; strange I know, but my kid's actually have them too!) and my sister moved back home after living in the UK for many years.  And I couldn’t care less who died, if her house burned down, was struck by lightening - whatever – we were going.

As it worked out last weekend, right on the death knell, the Harridan sent a text to say Kid 3 had a better offer so wouldn’t be coming after all.  I mentioned to the Squeeze that he had best call/text her and make it clear that the change had happened, been agreed to and that she chose to send the kid elsewhere doesn't change the fact that the change was done.  A deal made.

Of course the texts/calls have flown ever since.  It would seem the Harridan wants to head on out this weekend and doesn't have anyone to have the kid.  Not my problem.  Don't make it my problem.

Of course the Moodle that I live with told her that we would be back Saturday and would have him Saturday night.  Ummm no.  Actually.  We won't.  I don't intend my family weekend be squelched down to fit with the Harridan.  End of story!  And I won't be restricting myself to come back Saturday since I may choose to go out to dinner with my brother or my sisters!

Then the selfish bitch sends this, just to beat him with the “lousy father” stick :
fact kiid has been with u one nite in six weeks Weve always had fluid approach to kid Weeikends. Why differnt now?

Yes folks, that’s a cut and paste from her text…  Brilliant English…  

I wanted to reply to say:
Hello.  I have children too.  A family even.  It's not all about you and yours.

Tomorrow I'll be going through my calendar to see just when that "one night" was...

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