Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Okay…  To tell the truth, I wasn’t actually sure what the hell the reference to court and sorting was about.  I’ll admit that.  I mean the Squeeze went off to take the Kid out for dinner and I’m home alone; so figured I’d blog.  Where else am I going to get “blog fodder” from if I can cut and paste her usual illiterate rants..?

So I jumped on the Squeeze’s computer to see exactly what drivel she had written as a demand this time – and I wasn’t disappointed.

In short, the highlights of the too and from were:
  1. First we had her usual fourteen year old tantrum of “aren’t you allowed to have him for a week?”
  2. Then, it would appear that she has organised the kid to go across town to her velvet wearing sister’s place on our Friday night and the Squeeze dared to mention that this was in fact, our weekend.
  3. Then it was telling him that we would have the kid for a week while she is away.  Not can we.  But we will.
  4. Then it was alluding to his utter selfishness; because we went to Greece for a month without telling her.  And it is always about us.  Unlike her, her 'everything' is about the kid.
  5. Then it was the court line; all in red capitals – which you just know is yelling.
Well I have to say that it took every ounce of my will not to hit reply and call and spade a spade…

These are my wishful answers to the witch:
  1. Yes.  He is allowed to have him for a week.  At your place, not mine.  I have plans that week and have already scheduled time off.  Plans… yes I know the word is alien to you, but some of us make them.  And my plans do not include having your kid just because you demand it.  Perhaps things would go a little more smoothly if you stayed home every so often to do a load of fricking washing instead of sending him out in clothes that could stand up on their own.  Sorry, but I don’t want to gag in my own home – and I’m sure as hell not doing it for a week.
  2. We are fine with the Kid going off to your velvet wearing sister and her "you are perfect” brats.  Last time the younger one stole $50 from him which was infinitely better than the one I once heard being cruel and sarcastic to him - which earned him my never ending loathing.  Fine with him going.  Having said that, you can have him dropped off at our home the next morning, since you have organised it.
  3. See answer 1 but add a whole other layer on top of it.  The layer of dislike.  In case you missed it, I don't like you.  You are a greedy, selfish, lying, vitriolic bitch – so I'd rather let scorpions have free rein on my head than assist you in any way.

  4. For the last time; it doesn't matter how many times you say it - history does not change.  You can't will it to alter.  There is no "mind control" at work here.  You don't have super powers idiot!  That said, we went to Greece for 3 weeks - not 4 or 5 weeks.  You had plenty of notice.  We have been together for 3+ years and that 3 weeks was the first time we had been away on our own.  The Earth didn’t stop turning; no one died.  And maybe we should clarify a few things...  I mean you went away with the kid for longer than that at Christmas – without consultation.  Then extended it to take in Bali – with no consultation.  How come he can so easily survive without dad then..?
  5. Do I want to see it in court..?  Oh God.  Yes please.  Bring it.  BRING IT!  I raised 2 children without one weekend off from my ex-husband who lived interstate!  I got $60 per month for 16 years.  The first 2 years I got the princely sum of $25.  And yes, that was through the legal process!  You have no freaking idea how good you have it!  And out of curiosity, what do you think a judge is going to do..?  Tell us that we must have the kid any time you decree it?  Like we have no say over our lives and home??  And while there, maybe we’ll mention the fact that the Squeeze pays above and beyond in maintenance.  And that he pays school fees and music and sport on top of that; but that didn't stop you changing his school without ANY DISCUSSION!   And then we’ll add to that the fact that you moved houses – WITHOUT ANY DISCUSSION – and then instructed the kids to LIE to their father; that they weren’t allowed to tell him where they lived!   And maybe then we’ll tell him how the kid gets sick and you refuse to allow him to have antibiotics.  That you let him limp around with a toe so badly infected I’m surprised it wasn’t gangrenous!   And then we’ll tell the truth; how on average, the Squeeze see’s the kid at least 2 times a week and what he gets for that is rants and abuse and threats – continuously!  And the final comment will be how you earn the same as he, yet rent out a house and an apartment – not pausing to pay tax I’m sure – and yet you are on his case all the time for MORE!  Like the selfish greedy cow that you are!
Hmm.  Yep.  Lucky I’m not answering the email for him.

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