Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It’s funny.  I’m pretty sure that others see us differently to how we see ourselves; see our blind spots or black spots if you will.  Maybe we should examine what others perceive as our black spots and try to rectify them; then again, maybe we should just thumb our nose in the air and say “who the hell cares what anyone thinks”.
I take absolutely no care in the things I say in my blog.  Yes, I do try to make sure I use nick names as opposed to real ones but I don’t do any real vetting.  I’m probably less wary now than when I started but it’s one thing calling your boyfriend a “moodle” to his face; it’s quite different putting it online where it can be read by all and sundry!
I can justify my non-vetting rule by pointing to my disclaimer; it quite clearly states that these are my thoughts; if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  Easy!  But even knowing this, there are times where I have wondered if I’ve pushed the envelope just a tad too far.
I mean saying quite plainly that he is a moodle who throws on a bow tie, primps the curls and goes off to do the harridan’s bidding should… At least in the real world, be considered highly insulting.  Then there was the entry where I focussed on the dead cockroach squashed on the bathroom floor; or my scathing remarks on the ex (and sometimes the kids) – and throughout it all, is the in your face knowledge that he is an emotional puddle – nothing deep there and a communications guru (like hell).
Personally, if someone was writing these things about me, I doubt I’d leave the house again.  If nothing else, I’d have a screaming fit at them and cry my eyes out – because if I had faults (lol) I wouldn’t want to share them with the whole damned world!
The other day, he suggested my blog was to slander my boyfriend on a regular basis!  I replied to say “pffft.  It’s not slander if you are telling the truth!”
But I worked out why it doesn’t seem to faze him.
One evening I heard him bark with laughter.  Naturally I sought him out to see what was so damned funny.  I stood in the doorway and watched him read the “primp the curls moodle” blog.  When he wasn’t laughing out loud, he was grinning from ear to ear.
Then I knew.  He reads it; but he is reading about someone else.
He doesn’t actually put himself in the role!
Well there goes my subliminal messaging him!  Damned fool!

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