Monday, February 21, 2011

The Death of Technology

Yesterday we went out for breakfast with Boy 2, nasal ring still in place, much to the Squeeze’s disgust.  If you catch him at the right time - generally out of the house and over food, he can be quite the conversationalist.  As prickly as he is, I probably get along with him the best.  His table raconteur offers lively debate and if you add the fact that he lacks the “clingy vine” factor of ‘run and squeal to mummy’, well suffice to say, that is a winning combination for kids in my world.
Part of why I see him as likeable is the haughty twenty something year old attitude which is a mixture of “know-freaking-everything” and” I’m-too-damned-cool”.  Add to that the fact that the Squeeze and I are sitting across the table in “past-your-prime” and “you-were-never-young” land and the conversation flows quite nicely!
Yesterday, he wowed me with his desire to shut down technology.  He lost his sim card while in Vietnam and so has been phone-less since returning home and this so some degree, changed his life slightly.  He mentioned the fact that he now has to resort to the life the squeeze and I grew up in – the pop over.  But perhaps more importantly, he talked about forcing yourself to be organised and keep time.  Without a phone you can’t forget the details; nor can you send a text to say ‘I’m running late’. 
So he wants to go back to year zero.  When I pointed out this meant no power; no hot showers… he decided that since he is the one going back, he could pick and choose the areas he went for.  Cold showers weren’t on the list I take it.
Sunday, we went out for lunch with the Squeeze’s mother (Geelong!  I hate people from Geelong!) and his brother – who I get along with…  He greeted me with “is that bitch still giving hell?”  Prior to our meal arriving, the Harridan (speak of the devil) called for directions.  Lucky I wasn’t eating or I may have choked.  As it was, she was dropping kid 3 off; and I figured she would do her 'waltz in there like she owned the place, take over' and drink me $44 champagne. 
My stress levels rose and I began looking at the door...
Luckily, she dropped the kid and ran; at the same time Kid 1 (who doesn’t live there but makes me a pimp by having some slapper steal my jeans) and nasal ring Kid 2 arrive.  Of course they have to get the Squeeze’s credit card to order their lunch.
WTF?  21 and 25?  Hopefully in future, he’ll point out that if they don’t have money, maybe they should stay home!  Our $60 lunch just became $150!  How does that idiot think he can just maintain this level of "vampirism"?  He is broke now!
As for the death of technology, I give it a month.  Then he’ll be forced to take his laptop in to get fixed and actually go get a new sim!  That night as we were leaving to come back to my side of town, the Squeeze basically had to pry his laptop from Boy 2's fingers...   So much for the death of technology!

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