Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Day My Prince Will Come…

And the moron I am currently dating is so obviously not him…

It is Thursday.  Monday is Valentine’s Day.
Due to the emotional and financial vampires we have bred, things are a little tight in the financial department at the moment; especially given that Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th and we are both paid monthly on the 15th. 
So… we didn’t exactly have anything earth shattering planned.
I don’t think I’m over the top on ‘presents’.  Spending a fortune has never been the key to gift giving (I’m sure he would breathe a sigh of relief here…) however, putting a little thought into it and choosing something a little different as opposed to the generic gift, no matter how small, is important.
So is spending time. 
I’m talking about quality time; alone… Just us.  That is something we don’t get very often these days.  Actually, that is something we have never really had.  When in ‘Clean Freak Hell’ we have that permeating odour of ‘who the hell knows what’ combined with a deplorable mess.  Even without the less than romantic setting of filth, there is a kid at every turn.  Always a kid. 
Could be kid 2 who lives there or kid 3 who comes and goes via access or worse, kid 1 who doesn’t live there at all, doesn’t require access, just comes to eat the food, leave a mess and have slappers steal my stuff.
Yes, we are pretty light on in the ‘quality time’ department.  Whereas once we could circumvent the issue of nil quality time when on his side of town, this all changed when I dragged only girl back from out of town so that she could turn her life around.  My relatively cosy existence evaporated and given that quite often she has her boyfriend over… Well let’s just say that even though the ambience is better, quality time is nonexistent.
Sadly, the lack of quality time is a fact of life when we both have kids – even if we should be living alone most of the time.  Shit happens.  Kids come and go, find their feet then get knocked down again and need another dose of finding their feet.  Add to that friends and families and it’s a wonder that anyone ever actually has any form of romance at all!
Still.  Every so often, if only a couple of times a year, you have to turn off the world and put your partner first.  Those days could be counted on one hand.  Birthday.  Christmas.  Easter.  Anniversary.  Valentine’s Day.
So you can imagine my disappointment when I received this via email this afternoon:
I have to look after boy 3 on Monday and Tuesday so we might have to postpone Valentine’s Day till Wednesday.
I reply to say:  “You don’t have to.  You choose to.  She is not God.  You can say ‘sorry, busy.”   But no; apparently he can’t, because she has to go on a school camp that she obviously only heard about yesterday!
Postpone Valentine’s Day??? 
You can’t just postpone events to fit in with the harridan.
Oh I’m sorry, let me correct that – not another soul on the planet would “postpone” an event to pander to that dictating bitch – except my little moodle.
And sadly, I’m more annoyed at the fool I go out with because he leaps onto that circus stool when she cracks the whip and attempts to stand on his head. 
Sigh.  Just once, I would like my feelings and needs put before hers.

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