Saturday, February 5, 2011

And They All Fell Down...

Just like “I am happy you are happy”; the “fair enough” from the finance discussion the weekend before last went out the window as soon as she got home and realised that she may actually have to pay something herself.
Strangely enough, the Squeeze was told this over a “happy family” coffee when boy 2 got back from Vietnam.  That privilege cost him about fifty bucks.  Obviously, she has scorpions in her wallet; either that or she forgot she doesn’t actually put out so can hardly just sit there and expect someone to pick up the tab.  Every.  Single.  Time. 
Still… he pays.  And I guess if it works for her, so why stop?
Anyway, as expected, the financial agreements began dropping like flies.  Like ring a ring a rosie patients!  They all fell down…  I doubt they even needed tissues.  I just had to sit back and watch them fall; all the while listening to the Squeeze with his normal “it isn’t your problem” and “I’m handling it”.
Of course he is handling it.  In fact, he is handling it as magnificently as he has for the last year and half.  In other words, she still rules the kingdom and he does as he is told – and pays.  Oh, and he is still firmly married.
Not only did she manoeuvre him into continuing on with paying the “family” health insurance – (saying she would get her own - when and if he ever deletes the bitch from his account; which I’m not seeing); but then suggested that he should pay for Boy 1’s health insurance.  The fact that he isn’t the squeeze’s biological son is not even the sticking point. He is 25.  Hell, if he wants health insurance; get it yourself for crying out loud.  Tip:  stand on your own two feet kid!  (And why do I get that Anthony Hopkins flash of psycho again…)
Come to think of it, if the cow you are seeing wants Jag jeans – tell her to get them herself instead of stealing mine!!!  (In case you missed it, I’m particularly pissed off about my jeans.  I find it totally outrageous.  Between the harridan implying I’m retarded and don’t know my own jeans – “she must be mistaken”; the Squeeze with “are you sure” and Boy 1’s, "no way"; I feel as though a serious lesson has passed by.  What part of responsibility and repercussions escaped these people???
Still, I regress.  I was talking about the harridan and her totally unrealistic view of the world in that the Squeeze is a bottomless pit; instead of basically broke and he just has to pay and pay and pay – if she thinks the kids need it (kids is plural and please note, two are in their twenties); but if the kids need it – he will pay it; or there will be hell to pay.
So, I sit there and watch rape and pillage and if I say a word; get berated for it.  Don’t want to speak about it.  I’m handling it.  Blah blah.
I am obviously stupid because the way I figure it, we are about to move in together.  My point – while he continues to support the harridan’s every wish, I see he will have nothing.  He can’t live now.  And it is astounding how quickly they each put their hand out.  And do nothing in return.  If they buy him a birthday present, it is because he has rebuked them for not doing so.
I asked him the other night if he got tired of it.  He mentioned that yes; sometimes he did.  He paid for Boy 1’s 21st and the harridan and Boy 1’s biological father sat there playing parents – without putting one cent towards it.
And that is where we differ.  I could not have let that go.  I’d have been happy to put in 1/3, but the whole shebang?  No.  Sorry.  If you want to come – contribute!  Then again, I couldn’t have let Boy 2’s birthday lunch go by with the Harridan demanding food and drinks and birthday cakes in a restaurant – only to lift her arse from the chair and waddle out the door without even offering to pay one cent towards it.
I don’t and can’t understand that behaviour.  It’s not about right and wrong.  It’s about utter ignorance and a total lack of care for another person.  I don’t think I have done that to even my worst ex-husband – and I find the whole thing incredibly sad.
If he can’t change, then it makes starting a life with me rather pointless.

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