Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saints Preserve Us

Is it just me?  Sometimes I think I’m too old to be a mother; too old to put up with anyone else’s pain and stress and heartache.  Hell, I can barely put up with my own!  And kids are so easy to push around that every so often, some utter moron tries.  What really gets me is that the kids almost expect it…  Certainly accept it.  Don’t seem to want to do the Maid of Orléans (aka Joan of Arc). 
Makes me wonder where the world will end up when we are prepared to just roll over and let someone take advantage because they are bigger.  The daughter has had a succession of these things happen over the last few months and as opposed to just rattling my sabre, I actually want to go and rip their entrails out!  Not my kid!  Not on my watch!
My point being that there is so much effort and emotion that goes in to sabre rattling and when you have three children, the stress multiplies.  If you’re really lucky, they hit those moments of need at different times.  Don’t think I could take having to do my Joan of Arc routine for the three of them at once. 
My ex-husband is remarried and at forty nine, his wife had a baby.  When he told me on the phone, I think my initial comment was “are you out of your ever living fricking mind?  I’d rather be dead!”  My position on this certainly hasn’t changed.  It would seem that neither have his as they are about to have baby number two. 
Personally, I’d rather be stripped naked, covered in honey and staked to an ants nest – but hey, whatever rings your bell.  And the reality is that if he put forward any opposition at all, she would just pick up her handbag, give it a shake and let him hear his testicles rolling around in there like dice in a Yahtzee cup.
Now that the Squeeze and I are together, we have six kids.  I would be as equally offended if someone tried to take advantage of them; hell, I already get into trouble when I go to war for him!  And he is on a regular clockwork of abuse and manipulation – so it’s hard not to.  The Harridan flies in like momma bird to drop the worm of abuse; and the Squeeze just opens his mouth for it like a good little baby bird.
When ex-hubby number three’s kids reach their 20’s, he will be in his 70’s!  Certainly too old to do defence and yet this is not unusual in the way the world is these days.  I see it all the time; second time daddies with younger wives and trailing along behind them, brats.
When all is said and done, I may have snagged myself the Moodle Extraordinaire, but at least he is smart enough to stick to his own ‘woman pool’ and not want to breed!

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  1. Oh my. Obviously Rod Stewart doesn't read my blog since he has just become a father for the eighth time - at the age of sixty - freaking - six. WTF? Why the hell would you want to???


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