Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weak Prick... WTF?

Today, I figured all my worries and teeth gnashing had been for naught.  I'd focused so much on the Harridan that in the end, she had ruled my holiday.

She didn’t arrive there until we had left.  We packed quickly, eager to be home but we were both aware that getting out of there prior to her arrival would be beneficial – however it worked, the reality was that I didn’t have to put up with her at all; at least in the physical sense.

Then, when I thought about it I, realised that in my constant Rubik’s cubing of the brain and the dread that I would have to put up with her on my holiday I’d actually given her so much more power than she was worth.  I’d tossed and turned and fumed…  Wasted time where I could have been romancing! (or least I could have been romancing if I was there with some other guy!)

So yesterday, I decided that from here on in I was just going to ignore her.  She can carry on; she can abuse and threaten; she can hold the kid at bay, she can demand money, yell cha-ching – but in the end, she will not beat me.

Yes, I get it.  She’s had all the benefits of a husband without the bullshit.  Have to admit, it’s a damned stylish move if you can find a moodle to pull it off with!  But hey, when all is said and done, I actually love the dumb schmuck. So ignore her from here on in, I’ll attempt.

Decision made, we then set about packing up everything we were taking, leaving more than I’d have liked for the harridan, but hey, my new found decision to ignore was in full flight and I bit my tongue and shut my face – and packed up (like a good little moodle).

We drove home with the blazing sun streaming in the windscreen.  I almost glow in the dark I’m so red – but at least I lost a few kilos with all our walking over beaches and sand dunes!  Probably a few from the weird dance I did every time a march fly landed on me, but they were like small dogs with wings! Either way, we were brown, thinner, and still another week of holidays to go!  Civilised holidays!  Art galleries, museums!

Traffic was crap; the drive took forever only broken by the odd outburst of road rage that the squeeze would shout (never so they can hear; just loud enough to make me jump and make him feel like he did actually abuse some moron).  His road rage is quite a sight to behold; he can work himself into a fury, swearing his head off because some person has the audacity to turn right and annoy him.  Frankly, I’m all for it as a stress release; he spends his life sucking in the anger, ignoring…  Turning the other cheek - and it smacks of ‘volcano’ – because all that anger has to be released at some point!

For myself, no problem at all letting my anger out:)

We finally got home and walked into a landmine of dishes (thank you kid 1 – that I’ll point out, doesn’t even live here – but seems to think he can come stay and leave a freaking pigsty for us to get home to (the squeeze so has to toughen up…  or except that he is breeding the laziest kids on the planet.)

Then we cook, pour a red, watch a movie and off I go to shower (in a real shower, admittedly not as clean as I’d like but no fat kids head sticking under the door either).  We are tired.  We are done in.  And then the dying seconds of the night, the squeezes phone lights up with a message.

‘You are a weak prick.’

Ooookayyyy.  What is that about?  Because we both shake our head in wonder.  Or at least I am genuinely stumped and he is saying he has no idea.  Weak prick..?  What the hell could have enticed that comment?  We have dragged half a trailer of stuff down there for her, we left the tent, annex, flooring etc in tact so that kid 1 could use it (which I suspect means we will never set it again).  We had kid three and he had a great time.

Weak?  Implies an inability to stick up for ones self, to tell someone they way it is or should be.  Sounds a lot like she believes he caved in to me in some way shape or form.  Funny really; because we’ve had a lot of discussions over weakness and how thing have to change and if he suddenly throws off his “moodle” mantle and develops a spine, I’m tipping she sure as hell won’t like how that will work out for her.

I’ve been an ex wife 3 times.  And I just thank the lord I’ve never been such a selfish, miserable, bitter bitch.  Because the only thing awaiting such a person – is karma.

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