Friday, January 14, 2011


Those strong enough; courageous enough to make it through the night/morning, were rewarded with clear blue skies and sunshine!

It wasn't easy. Not by any means. It rained from when we got back. Hell. Rained? It was a steady stream. Non stop until about 1pm. My everything was wet. I'd have just liked my feet to feel dry. Just for a moment!

Although the tent leaked, our work when we arrived made sure that the Nile running through the other night, was merely a stream; nothing a few strategically placed towels couldn't combat.

Then we had the 11 pm wombat that opened the esky and ate it's way through our flat bread. While the squeeze dashed off to find a broom to 'scare' it; I merely pushed it out.

Next was the 3 am wind tunnel that blew the tarp over and us; wind, rain, nighty (me. Not him) pulling the 'structurally sound' construction down.

We had an emergency dash to Yanakie for wine (the wowser squeeze didn't quite understand how this could be an emergency; how quickly they forget...) then the heat; sun; was so much that the ground was steaming.

The queen arrives tomorrow. Yay.

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  1. PS. To cap it all off; I'm showering, wearing zip but thongs; look down and there is some fat, grinning kids head! Perving at me in the shower. I kicked soapy water in the budding serial killers face.


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