Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chill. My problem. It’s Alright. No Drama.

Ok, I obviously missed out on an important gene.  Maybe I just don’t have that certain ‘turn the other cheek’ protein sequence that would make me the perfect partner for the Squeeze.  To be honest, I think he is looking for Goldilocks…  And since she actually entered the bears house which was relatively ballsy, I figure even she has too much gumption.

Sorry.  Turn the other cheek..?  I’m more the ‘take a Louisville slugger and beat their fricking head in’ type. 

Is that a bad thing..?  No.  I don’t believe so.  Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.   And I suspect his inability to do so will be the end of the road for the Squeeze and I.  He can’t stand up for himself.  I can’t not.  There is no happy medium there.  It is black and white.

We argued over leaving the tent and tarp for boy 1.  I said he wouldn’t bring it home.  He told me: “Chill.  No drama.  I explained.  He’ll bring it back”.

He didn’t bring it back.

We argued when he didn’t bring it back.  Then he said wife will bring it back.  The sister in law will bring it back.  I said they wouldn’t.  He told me:  “Chill.  No drama.  I explained.  She’ll bring it back”.

She didn’t bring it back. 

Instead, she left it there sitting in the middle of an abandoned campsite.  Tomorrow, he has a 3 hour drive after work to pick it up (if it is even still there...), followed by a 3 hour drive back. 

And strangely, he couldn’t understand why I would tell him that someone needs to bitch slap that cow off her chair.  He sees it as a bonus that means he will get the tent back.  I can't help but see the utter selfishness of these people; and it's astounding.

And God; I'm so tired of being the bad guy all the time...

Saturday, he is doing the “divorce” discussion; combined with “I’m not paying for everything anymore”.  Do I have faith that this will be done..?  Do I think he will come home and say: "Everything was fine.  She'll start paying her own health insurance and we agreed on a monthly amount instead of her shouting cha-ching down the phone and passing every bill to me!"

No.  Actually, I have no faith.  Zip faith.  Zilch faith.  Nada faith! 
And if he does speak to her, I have no doubt she’ll hold the kid at bay and he will fold. 

That is what she does.  That is what he does.  It’s a long practised dance that I just can’t seem to break through.

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