Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here We Go Again

We are in the car zooming off to the Bermuda Triangle once again. Excuse the brevity of my posts but it's one letter forward, three back when typing via iPhone.

I choose rain, hail and storms over harridan hell anytime so although the storm icons are still flavor of the day on the weather site it sure beats living under a harridan dictatorship.

Of course I don't escape her completely. She is due to arrive Saturday.

Oh the fun.

I can bite my tongue for 2 days! Can't I?

PS: we just reached Leongatha so are about half way. Another hour to go. Already: harridan text messages = 4. Isn't it still raining? I want school fee money. Have you got the epi pen? (I'd have liked to reply with 'no, we are morons' but what's the point...

Make that 7 text messages...

Last one was something about a stove and Anaconda shopping. Maybe she figures we a vaguely interested in her itinerary (I'm not). Not sure. The squeeze wouldn't let me read it. Probably because of my utterly scathing tone when commenting.

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