Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nut Case Continued

Well New Years Eve was a bit of a fizzer.  It was too damned hot to do anything.  We made pizza.  I drank a bucket of red wine and we were both in bed before midnight.  The squeeze fell into a deep sleep and woke in the body of a 100 yo guy; to the point where he could barely bend enough to get his jocks on.  I had this sudden, ugly flash of my future, dressing this old guy.  And there you have it.  The perils of dating an older guy.

I tossed and turned in the heat that was absolutely stifling; and cursed the weather guy from the tv who had promised a cool change was an hour off at 6pm.  Fools.  Do they have any idea how people cling to that?  Cool change my ass!

I heard the party over the back fence go off when midnight came and went, however the squeeze was out like a light and I was too damned tired to get up and look.  I felt vaguely guilty, but in the end, who the hell cares?  It’s not like you actually see anything in any case. 

Today, we went out for breakfast and then off to do last minute camping shopping.  I have the headache from hell (possibly due to the wine consumed last night) and so we decided on a day of nothing.  We haven’t resolved the nut case and how we will work things; we think we have a plan forward but in the end, she will do what she can to throw a spanner in it.

I am in ‘clean freak hell’ alone as he has been summoned by the Queen and so moodled off to meet her around the corner.  Guess she couldn’t meet him here since I am in residence (smart girl, because the time is fast approaching where I’m going to call a spade a spade).

Amazing.  You can actually order people to come to you for a lecture.  It kind of smacks of my dad when I was little and was going to cop it for something I’d done.  “Come here…” 

Umm yeah.  That is working.  Come here and get a smack.  I don’t think so.

Partly, I wanted to go – just to throw a spanner in her ‘get him away from her’ tactic, but in truth, it was unbearable last night listening to her whine on, order, demand and asking a million questions.  Today I pointed out that from here on in, she can ask or comment re the kids.  Anything else, she can stuff herself sideways with a pogo stick.  It’s none of her business. 

Hell, taking back the power is an ugly, difficult thing.  Even worse to watch.

Hmmm an hour passes.  This will be interesting.  Maybe she stabbed him.  Hell, maybe she has decided it is time for them to ‘give it another shot’.

Pity this is a blog.  You didn’t get to see the grin I had while typing that.

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