Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the Real World

The worst part about camping; more so than the ‘float across the pool to the bar’ type of holiday, is the unpacking.  There was sand/dirt in absolutely everything.  I have a mound of washing 2 mile high (that I can’t quite get the energy to fold) and that’s not counting the washing line full outside.  And by the time I wiped off and put stuff away, I felt as though never actually left to go off and de stress.
And in the end, it was a relatively stress free period.  I mean aside from howling winds, torrential rain, bouts of harridan and the odd bow tie/moodle performance.  Even better, we still have a few days off to do the civilised things we should be doing on holidays – which may or may not include absolutely nothing at all.
What it will include, is a measure of tidying.  My skin feels like a lizard it’s been almost baked!  My daughter said I looked like a tanning lobster upon my return – at least that has settled into “tan” now.  But the worst, of course, will be waxing.  The job for today!
Ouch.  The perfect end to a holiday…  Let’s just smother burning wax on to the body before ripping it off.  Yeah.  Camping.

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