Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomorrow Never Comes

Ok.  My life needs a serious overhaul.  Yes; it really does.  And I’m planning one; I just have to await the Gods to smile upon me and have something happen.  I should probably point out that life’s shake ups occur due to a whole range of events; for this one, I’m hoping for a piece of good.  My tarot cards are certainly turning up some rather thrilling cards (and I always believe in them when they are good; in that regard, they are kind of like astrology.)
But back to the shake up; this could come in many different forms.  I could win lotto, have a wild fling, or get a new job.  I have been keeping my eye on the job market with a ‘que sera, sera’ attitude and a new job would mean moving; even more excitement. I love where I’m living; but I’m starting to see that it is time to ‘evolve’ and start somewhere new.
I also write young adult fiction and have one book at two different publishers.  This sounds far more glamorous than it actually is.  The reality of “at the publishers” is that they will hang on to it for several months, letting you agonise…  Then when a few more months go by and you’re actually spending your first check; you get it back with a brief “thanks but bugger off” note (sometimes not even using your name but a rather soul destroying “dear author…”)
I am in a pretty good relationship; well pretty good if you forget about romance, ignore his penchant to “shock”, his bouts of moodle-like behaviour, the fact that he is as shallow as a puddle and his harridan of a wife who moves no closer into ex-wife land.  Thus the title, tomorrow never comes.  Because I’m living in ‘tomorrow’ land; there always seems to be time to do exactly as instructed, when instructed by the wife but anything I bring up that needs doing to progress the shutdown of the marriage, gets a “no hurry” or a “later”... "tomorrow".
So I wonder, at what point will I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m being strung along and tell the moodle to ‘prance’ off..?   Because it is fast approaching.  I’m struggling now to put up with the wife controlling every single thing in his life and the very fact that he knows this is the case, but still hasn’t attempted to resolve anything (not even her health insurance that he is still paying for, 5 years into separation) is sending a pretty loud message to me.

So if you wonder why I would consider a job and moving to another town; this is why...
I’m going to let fate dictate and if I get a job in another town, I will go.  Maybe he will swallow his moodleness, shut her down and follow; and maybe he won’t.  That will be up to him.  But rest assured, she'd better be shut down prior to him coming!

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